What About The Law

A poetry film by Charles Badenhorst.

The poem is written in Afrikaans, the English translation is integrated as a typeface in the film. This makes it easier to follow the text, but it is also an important part of the movie. We hear the poem spoken by the radio, like a message that casually follows at breakfast. Thus, the film also reflects our handling of media-mediated news or disasters. The poem describes in three verses the arbitrariness of totalitarian societies and their effects. The question arises as to which laws this arbitrariness works and the rights of the people. The seemingly rough or brittle design makes a successful counterpoint to the gravity of the lyrics. Thus, the content and audiovisual level complement each other in a wonderful way.

2014, 3:14 min
  • Concept, music, sound, animation & direction by Charles Badenhorst
  • Poem & voice over by Adam Small
  • Artistic director: Diek Grobler
  • ATKV Executive Producer: Nita Cronjé