Erentia Bedeker

Erentia Bedeker is an animator and animation director, and one of the founders of Wreckless Creative, a small independent graphic design and animation studio. She works in various forms of stop-motion animation from paper cut-outs to carved wooden puppets.

Bedeker’s first professional film The Wild Goose Let a Feather Fall was a semi-finalist for ANNY: Animation Nights New York (2018). It also won an award for Best Original Soundtrack at the African Smartphone International Film Festival (2018) and Best Animated Short Movie at the Vesuvius International Monthly Film Festival, January 2021. The Wild Goose Let a Feather Fall was screened at various international film festivals.

Her third film, Ruby & Roach, which was completed in 2020 has been selected for 60 international film festivals, received numerous nominations in various categories and has won 14 awards to date.

Bedeker is one of an emerging generation of young independent women animators in South Africa, where the animation industry is small and commercially oriented.