Die Berggans Het ’n Veer Laat Val

A poetry film by Erentia Bedeker.

An animated short film inspired by the well-known Afrikaans poem, “Die berggans het ’n veer laat val” by Boerneef. The film focuses on the difficulty of the writing process of a poem. In the end the poem is written but never sent to the loved one. The wild goose feather becomes a metaphor for his love which cannot be expressed in words.

  • Concept, animation, design, direction by Erentia Bedeker.
  • Poem by Boerneef.
  • Creative director & editor: Diek Grobler
  • Music: Wilken Calitz
  • ATKV Executive Producer: Nita Cronjé
  • Final Mix: Fopspeen Moving Pictures